Sustainability Development

Sustainability at Apex Energy Alliance is about creating value by connecting the business opportunities of the energy transition with our aims and objectives for people, our planet and getting to net zero.

Apex Energy Alliance commitment to sustainability has never been stronger. Our approach is integrated throughout our business to strive to protect the environment, empower people, and get results the right way—today and tomorrow.

Our sustainability frame underpins our strategy to become an integrated energy company and translates our purpose into action. It sets out aims in the areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference for bp, our stakeholders and society


Improving People’s lives

We recognize the importance of giving people access to energy, supporting a just energy transition, treating people with respect, supporting health and wellbeing and enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion. We build on strong social impact and risk management requirements in our operating management system.
Our approach to sustainability is targeted, systematic and collaborative. It rests on strong, well-established foundations that guide the way we work: our beliefs, a focus on safety, a non-negotiable commitment to ethics and compliance in line with our code of conduct and creating value for stakeholders through the business we do.

Social Policy

Apex Energy Alliance adheres to a policy of high social responsibility to its employees and their family members, the residents of regions where the Company operates, and to the society as a whole. We create value for society in many different ways: through our products and services, as an employer and taxpayer, and as a supply chain participant or investor in local communities.


Our Company's main asset consists of its employees. Our operational excellence builds the formula of success for Apex Energy Alliance activities. For that reason, our Company creates appropriate comfortable working conditions aiming to implement the potential of each employee. Safety is our core value. It is underpinned by our operating management system (OMS), which sets out how we aim to deliver safe, reliable, compliant and sustainable operations.

Corporate Governance

The principles of responsibility, trust and integrity guide our actions and shape our operations. We follow The our methods by prioritizing culture, pursuing operational excellence and advancing corporate governance. We invest in people to strengthen organizational capability and develop a talented global workforce that gets results the right way. Our success in attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce comes from strategies, programs and processes based on our methodology.